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Sheet music

There are a few things to keep in mind with copyrights:


  • You may make as many copies of the scores as you need provided you are not reselling them.

  • You may include the lyrics on printed programs.

  • You may perform this music royalty-free for church, school, or community events, including those for which there is an admission charge.

  • You may use the scores for music lessons, provided the only charge to students for the scores is the cost of printing or copying.

  • You may NOT print copies for commercial sale.

  • You may NOT alter the lyrics.

  • You may NOT alter or arrange the music. 

  • You may NOT produce commercial recordings for public sale of this music without permission. 


If you don't see a certain song/arrangement of mine listed yet, I promise I didn't forget about it.  I understand there may be errors. Send me a message from the contact page, and I'll see if it's legitimate. Keep in mind, I transcribe my music the way I play it as a five fingered pianist. Also, lyrically they may be grammatically incorrect, but these songs are like journal entries for me as early as from my young teenage years.


Lastly, I'm humbled by your support for my music after all these years... Thank You!



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