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A Servant's Prayer


(Verse 1)

My soul is tired and aching.

My knees are trembling now.
And when I feel him near me,

I feel his presence and pow’r.




Oh Lord, hear me. Lord, please help me. 
Lift this pride from me that thou would guide me
To find those who are seeking
To be closer to thee
For I know they need thee 
Just as much as I do
I offer this prayer to you.



(Verse 2)

I know life’s path ain’t easy
At times feeling weak and alone
But then I can feel God’s love within me
Burning deep within my soul




Doubt fills my mind,
I’m weakened from Satan’s lies.
But my soul’s at rest in thy light.



A Servant's Prayer


About the song...


My best friend, Meliani, and I wrote this song one evening while having a jam session at her home. We wrote and recorded it as a duet. Our approach in the servant's prayer is to showcase the heart of the faithful and earnest servant.


Personally, I've learned that it's natural to feel inadequate or unqualified when called upon from the Lord, but, oh, how He enlightens, enables, and empowers you in ways you never thought were possible.


"Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies."

                              - Thomas S. Monson

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