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I would that ye should understand that God himself has come redeemed us.

Dwelling among us the son of God subjecting himself to the will of the Father.


Were it not for the redemption he made for us that we'll be saved.


Come heed. Come love. Come to Jesus Christ. Come willingly to eternal life. Come feast upon the word of God. Just trust in Him and come. 

For salvation cometh to the world through the Lord, but we must heed his word. 

He has broken the bands of death, filled with compassion towards his children.

(Bridge & Chorus)

SATB (parts only)

SATB w/accompaniment


About the song...

In 2006 I was working with One Voice Choir and was trying to write a new song for them. At that time, I was also preparing to serve a mission. I was at a piano and had my scriptures open to the Book of Mormon in Mosiah chapter 15. The prophet Abinadi's testimony was so inspiring, I used his words to compose the verses and bridge.  The chorus summed up how I felt especially as I was preparing to serve.


 As I listen to this song today, it prompts me to reflect on my relationship with my Savior and where I stand with Him.  

I invite you to do the same...

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